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Buying a Home After Short Sale or Foreclosure – Massachusetts. – Jane there is a lot of misinformation that is given out when comparing the credit hit of a short sale to a foreclosure. They are very similar. The benefit of a short sale is the fact you can usually buy a home again in a shorter period of time. In other words you can get a mortgage quicker after a short sale than a foreclosure.

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The Secret to Short Sales and Foreclosures Can You Purchase a New Home After a Short Sale? | Home Guides. – Qualifying for a loan can be very hard after you’ve gone through a short sale, so finding a seller willing to do seller-financing is a viable option.. Short Sale Process for Buying a House.

Before Buying a Short Sale Home – The Balance – Give the short sale lender time to Respond. Make your offer contingent upon the lender’s acceptance. Give the lender a time frame in which to respond, after which, you will be free to cancel. Some lenders submit short sales to committee, but most can make a decision within two weeks to three months.

How long after bankruptcy/short-sale before you can buy a house? – If one can bring a larger than normal down payment, and take on a higher interest rate, FHA will source a loan after 2 years to buy another house after a short sale, unless you are able to find a willing private mortgage lending company or an independent bank, and if you are willing to pay a higher interest rate than under normal circumstances.

Buy a House After Short Sale – – Buy a House After Short Sale By Gretchen Wegrich Updated on 7/28/2017. Following a short sale, borrowers may find it challenging to obtain mortgage loans at the most advantageous rate.

Buying a Home After a Short Sale? 5 Things You Need To Know – Now that we’ve defined what a short sale is and why it happens, let’s go over some of the most important things a person should know when trying to buy a home after a short sale. Believe it or not, there are steps a homebuyer can take to qualify for a loan in order to buy a house again after a short sale.

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Can You Get a Home Loan After a Short Sale? | Home Guides. – If you were in default at the time of the short sale, the U.S. Department of Housing and urban development states that you must wait three years after the sale before you can qualify for an FHA.